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ECOWAS Parliament Speaker Advocates Improved Budgetary Allocation to Agriculture.



By Linda Ike

The Speaker of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Parliament, Hon. Sidie Mohamed Tunis said improving budgetary allocation to Agriculture will help in addressing the challenges of Food security presently been witnessed by citizens of the sub-region.

Tunis made the indication on Tuesday at the opening of the Delocalised Meeting of the ECOWAS Parliament’s Joint Committee on Agriculture, Environment and Natural Resources, Infrastructure Energy and Mines Industry and Private Sector in Bissau, Capital of Guinea Bissau with the theme: “A critical look at the ECOWAS Environmental Policy and Climate Strategy, as well as a biennial review of the agricultural production, food and nutritional security in Member States”.

Represented by the Second Deputy Speaker of the parliament, Malam Sani Chaibou Boucary, the Speaker expressed optimism that the findings and resolutions of the committee towards Agriculture will improve food security in the member states especially when the budget to the sector improves.

He urged the committee to come up with recommendations to save the sub region from terrorism, prevent war and reduce hunger.

He said, “The implementation of the committee commitment in the area of environment is a major concern which is set in the affairs of the institution and the enhancement of powers of parliament has enabled to oversight on the activities of different members of the community, therefore the parliament through its joint committee is important that they understand the dynamics of agriculture and to have an annual review of agriculture produce and issues of food security in our region so that we can facilitate and improve our budget in this area.

“I called upon the joint committee to attentively listen to the presentations to be done by ECOWAS commission, the resource persons and the ministry responsible for environment and agriculture issues in Guinea Bissau and that will give us an overview of the experience in total and I urge them to work in harness in order to come up with complete recommendation which will really improve agricultural productivity in the region and to strengthened resilient of communities as they are besieged by the climate change”.

In his remark, the President of the ECOWAS Commission, Dr Omar Alieu Touray, said the focus will address major issues confronting the people of the sub-region.

Touray who was represented by the Commissioner, Economic Affairs and Agriculture, Massandje TOURE-LITSE lamented that erosion is increasing in the sub-region thereby causing food insecurity, among other challenges, making life difficult for the populace.

He implored participants to come up with workable recommendations that will help address the identified issues for a better ECOWAS.

“The topic of the joint meeting of the ECOWAS commission is perfectly aligned.
We will bear in mind and we want to talk to you in more details manner during this session on the environmental policies of the ECOWAS and strategies to be developed as well as the biennial review and food security in ECOWAS member state.

*May I remind henceforth that the climate strategy was adopted in June 22 in Accra by the Assemblies of Heads of States, in addition President of Ghana, Nana Akufo-Addo was appointed by his pairs as the champion of all the fights against climate change.

“We want you to espouse the states regarding adaptation of climate change to ensure clamouring food security.
Our vision is to construct a community of people who are fully integrated living in strategy peace and benefitting from all their fundamental rights and especially the right to clean environment and to have quantitative and qualitative good food”.

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