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FABA Inaugurate new chapter in Nigeria



By Linda Ike

The Federation of Asian Biotechnology Association (FABA) has inaugurated a new Chapter In Nigeria to expand the scope of it’s services.

The inauguration of the Nigeria Chapter was initiated by Dr Asadulghani who is also the President of FABA.

It was held along side a virtual workshop titled: “Biosecurity Tools for Preparedness and Mitigation of Biological Threats”.

Recalled that in recent years, biosecurity has become an emerging global issue and there have been significant efforts to raise awareness of modern practices and concerns related to the safe
pursuit of life sciences research, as well as to optimize present supervision
frameworks, resulting in a decreased risk of biological threat.

According to Dr. Asadulghani FABA Nigeria chapter is a technical collaboration leveraging on the vast knowledge and depth of expertise from the Asian Continent and through FABA Academy, the Nigeria Chapter hopes for successful collaborations between
academia and industries engaged in life sciences both in Nigeria and Asia, adding that members will also get access to business networking opportunities with key stakeholders.

Speaking during the inauguration,the Executive President,
Dr Pallu Reddanna said that having the Nigeria chapter would help members have free access to professional development workshops, free educational webinars as well as discounted prices for paid skilled development programs, including sharing experiences, discussions and networking with colleagues.

The workshop emphasized the application of biosecurity tools that could be used to guide against biological threats globally, even as experts from around the world were present to deliver various lectures and keep participants abreast with biological tools for reducing biological threats.

There was also discussion of the dual use research of Concern by Prof. Lim Yang Mooi, Deputy Director, Institute of Postgraduate Studies and Research, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Malaysia.

Other Speakers at the inauguration,
Mr. Luis Alberto
Ochoa Carrera of the High Containment Lab, Pandemic Safety Manager, MSU
Michigan State University highlighted the necessity of the subject while relating
it to current incidence like the outbreak of the monkey pox.

Dr. Ranga Reddy Burri
President, Infection Control Academy of India spoke on the challenges of biosecurity for uncertain situation.

Maryam Sani Lawal a Biosafety Representative of Nigeria Centre for Disease Control explained Tianjin Code of Conduct which is the most recent guidelines used for

They commended the Organisers of Nigeria Chapter Judith Chukwuebirim Okolo (Country Coordinator/Chapter President) Ogarega Daudu (Country Coordinator among others for the effort put together to make this a reality.

Federation of Asian Biotech Associations (FABA), a non-profit organization established in 2005, provides a platform for the academy,
industry and government bodies across Asia to come together and interact
through webinars, workshops, and conferences.

FABA Academy was launched in 2020 and provides career guidance and skill development activities to science
graduates and also bridges the gap between academy and industry in human resources development.

Following the inauguration, FABA Nigeria Chapter has over 100 members who
are professionals of various field that seek to promote life science using the one health approach.

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