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Gambia’s VP, Joof Tasks ECOWAS Parliament on Quality Laws



-Advocates development centred democracy for member states

By Linda Ike

The Vice President of Gambia, Badara Joof, has charged the ECOWAS Parliamentarians to be more committed to their duties as lawmakers by ensuring they enact laws that promote good governance.

Joof gave the charge at the ongoing Delocalized meeting of the joint committees of the ECOWAS Parliament in Banjul, Gambia.

He said as the custodians of laws and representatives of the people, the legislators should be effective and vibrant in their work to promote democracy and development in the region.

He stared, ” You hold every institutions in a functioning democracy to account. The people depend on your effectiveness , your efficiency in execution of your duties. If the legislature functions , the democracy functions,” he said.

He advocated more effective legislature that will move the region from a political democracy to a development centred democracy.

He explained, “political democracy leads in ignoring the idioms of democracy but development democracy geared towards tackling poverty , conflicts , hunger and other things”

While stressing the need for women inclusiveness in politics, Joof assured that Gambia is committed to the promotion of more women participation in governance.

“The government has deliberate policies on 35% affirmative action on women representative. It is just the question of sensitizing the publics who should change the mindset to appreciate the role of women .

*The man and a woman are the two sides of the same coin and minus any one of them, there is no value to the coin.

“It is important that this affirmative action is promoted and am sure all those at the National Assemblies and all the media will promote this awareness in order to make sure that they have appreciable representation not only in the parliament but also in the civil service and public service and so forth.”

“The fact that ECOWAS Parliamentarians have come together and I think it is one of the strongest regional blocks we have. We have the ECOWAS Parliament, we have the ECOMOG and we have other institutions that are coming together and I think that should be consolidated and build upon . I mean together we can make a difference in the lives of our people.

” Acquiring comprehensive social economic development is anchored in partnership , in cooperation , in coordination and collaboration . And that is what I see in this room . ECOWAS member states cooperating, collaboration for the advancement of ECOWAS community,” he said.

The Chairman, Committee on Political Affairs and Security, Hon. Edwin Snowe Junior had earlier expressed gratitude for the warm reception to the committee by the Gambian vice president.

“Mr. Vice President, we are extremely excited that you took time off to meet with us in our working session

We are meeting in Gambia relating to community texts to the governance, the challenges and the implementation of our oversight roles at the ECOWAS

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