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How my life changed after becoming beauty queen –Ifeoma Okenwa



Beauty queen, Ifeoma Anisha Okenwa, has a lofty mission. Her desire is to see the girl child enlightened and empowered, in order for her to make a wise, conscious and responsible decision regarding relationship and sexuality.

Okenwa beat 26 other contestants from across the country to emerge winner of the National Queen Nigeria 2021 beauty pageant, organised by Sanj BornStar Entertainment. She carted away a brand new car, one-year modeling contract and cash prizes among other gifts.

The beauty queen, who hails from Nkporo in Ohafia Local Government Area of Abia State, was in Lagos during the Easter and Sunday Sun caught up with her for a brief chat. Here are excerpts:

How has it been since you emerged winner of the National Queen beauty pageant?

It has been exciting, awesome, fascinating and beautiful getting a lot of attention and respect from people.

Is there anything about the limelight that you don’t like?

Actually, I’m enjoying being in the limelight; the celebrity lifestyle is so fascinating.

What has been your greatest challenge?

It’s getting sponsorship and fundraising for my pet project.

Tell us about your pet project.

My pet project is on “Sexuality Education” and my target audience is the girl child, ranging from age 10 to 18, and the aim is to educate a minimum of 500 girls. During the course of the programme, we will be educating them on issues concerning the stages of puberty in female, HIV/AIDs, STDs, and abstinence, which aims to develop and strengthen the ability of the girl child to make a wise, conscious, satisfying, healthy and responsible choice regarding relationship and their sexuality. Afterward, there will be gifts like (sanitary) pads, notebooks and other writing materials.

How far have you gone in achieving it?

I am still in the process; graphic is out, but the date is yet to be communicated as we are putting final touches on the logistics. But I’m open to sponsorship and partnership…

After your reign, what will be your next move?

I will like to represent Nigeria in an international pageant, go for a reality TV show preferably BBN; and also become a successful health educator.

Is your boyfriend intimidated by your new status as a queen?

Well, I’m single but not searching.

What has been your saddest experience since you became the queen?

If I miss a call or reply late to a massage, people immediately relate it to pride, that it’s because I’m now a queen. But they don’t know the circumstances surrounding the late response; words like that make me sad.

Tell us one of your best experiences and one of the best personalities you’ve met since your reign.

Every moment has been beautiful. I can’t really pick a particular one as best because I have met a lot of great minds, and great personalities. One is the deputy governor of my state, Abia State, His Excellency, Ude Oko Chukwu.

What is your best food?

I love basmati rice, Jamaican chicken sauce with fried plantains.

Which celebrity thrills you the most? 

They are many but Rihanna, Priyanka Choper and Saweetie, probably because we look alike.

What type of man would you want to marry?

I am sapiosexual. My type of man will be intelligent, understanding, God-fearing, educated and hardworking.

What do you hate in people?

I hate gossip, laziness and talkativeness.

How do you handle men who want to date you now that you are a queen?

I go straight to the point. I tell them, ‘I can’t date you but we can be friends’. I do not disrespect them.

How would you encourage young, upcoming female enthusiasts to be part of future pageants?

It is one of my promises to assist them. It’s my promise to encourage other young ladies, who have been yearning for a true pageant, to look no further. They should associate with the National Queen Nigeria to help build their modeling dreams and careers.

If you meet President Buhari today, what’s the one thing you will tell him?

I will tell him that he should fulfill his promises, especially on security and economy.

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