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NLC President Tackles Media Owners Over Nonpayment of Salaries



By Linda Ike

The Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC has vowed to tackle media employers in the country over nonpayment of salaries to their employees and non-remittance of collected contributory pension funds.

This was disclosed by the president of NLC, Comrade, Joe Ajaero during his visit to the Nigeria Union of Journalists, NLC Secretariat in Abuja.

Comrade Ajaero who visited the NUJ secretariat for the first time noted how journalists, including himself, fought for the political independence of Nigeria.

He decried that despite the huge sacrifices made by journalists to the development and sustainability of the country, their welfare is still being underplayed.

Ajaero who vowed to clamp down on media owners who fail to pay salaries as at when due, called for a consultative machinery that would negotiate with all media employers in the country, on what should be the minimum wage for all practicing journalists in Nigeria.

Lamenting on the sorry state of older retired journalists, the NLC President advocated compulsory pension and insurance for all media practitioners across the country.

The NUJ President, Comrade Chris Isiguzo disclosed his plan to unveil a new code of ethics for practicing journalists.

He condemned the non-remittance of check-off dues to the NUJ by Public Media institutions in the country.

According to him, the nonpayment of salaries to journalists when due has been a long-time issue that is gradually becoming a norm. But with this move by the NLC President, who was once a practicing journalist, there seems to be hope for Nigerian journalists.

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