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UN Holds Peace Walk Exercise To Promote Good Health



By Linda Ike

The United Nations (UN) in Abuja on Saturday organised a peace walk exercise to promote good health and peaceful co-existence.

The UN Resident Coordinator in Nigeria, Mr. Matthias Schmale said the peace walk is in commemoration of the 77th anniversary of the United Nations which is celebrated on October 24 of every year.

Represented by the WHO Country Representative, Dr Walter Mulombo, the UN resident Coordinator said this year’s theme is “The UN and Nigeria: partnership for peace, prosperity and sustainable development”.

He said, “Today we are kick starting the celebration of the UN day which falls every year on October 24, so this is a kind of advance event which we intend to start with a heavy event, we are celebrating the 77th anniversary of the UN Which was established in the aftermath of the second world war.

“It is a collective commitment for member states, to.avoid all the consequences we saw during the second world war”.

Mr. Schmale explained that the UN is an Organisatíon that was established to put mechanism for lasting peace, solidarity, and mutual corporation to avoid the consequences of the second world war.

He called for peaceful co-existence and promotion of health by the leaders for sustainable development

He stressed the need for Government at all levels to position health in policies, strategies and interventions for the health care development and wellbeing of the citizens in their countries.

He said, “If we don’t position health in our policies, in our strategies, in our intervention, if there is no requirement for all developmental efforts then we are likely to face the same thing we saw during Covid-19.pandemic.

“Health is a human right and not a privilege. One of the things the
UN system is doing is to carry along that message with high level so that leaders, president, head of Government, everybody should see it as a priority

“But not only the leaders, and also the community, in whatever they do they need to realize that the real wealth is really health in African”.

He commended Nigeria for contributing significantly to the United Nations’ peace keeping operations.

Mr. Schmale said Nigeria has supported development initiatives for her people and has been an active partner in global multilateralism.

He also tasked the leaders on the need for peaceful co-existence globally and revitalisation of health institutions.

“So Without peace, without health, there is no development, without stability there is no development, without transparency, there is no development,
So our role is to interact without interface and make ensure that whoever that is in charge of Government understands that peace, security and development are key to success of every country’ he stated.

The High Commissioner, James Christoff, Canada High Commission in Nigeria said the peace walk is an opportunity to unite with colleagues from international community and United Nations community to promote peace.

He said,” I am very happy to be here today, I could not think of a better way to celebrate not just the day but to unite with my colleagues

This will give us the opportunity to collaborate an show cooperation in making the world a better place,’’

On his part, the Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Permanent Representative to ECOWAS, Matsunaga Kazuyoshi said the walk was an event to show solidarity in order to make concerted efforts to overcome all kinds of difficult issues.

“We are experiencing difficult issues, including poverty, security, food crises, many things but today we walkand exercise together,
“This walk will show the world that there is hope for a better future,”

The United Nations disclosed that there would be an exhibition to showcase the work of the UN Agencies on Monday October 24, 2022 at the green lawn, UN House, Abuja.

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