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Why I can’t kiss deeply in movies –Chizzy Alichi, actress



Chizzy Alichi, actress

Nollywood actress, Chigozie Stephanie Alichi aka Chizzy Alichi-Mbah is not scared of husband snatchers.

In this chat, the movie star reveals reasons why no woman can dare take her man. She also shed more lights on her upcoming kids show and why she rejected many wealthy suitors before meeting and finally marrying her husband. Here are excerpts:

How has it been shuttling between Lagos and Asaba for movies?

It’s not that hard because I have a supportive husband. He comes around sometimes when he is free and of course, there is a functioning airport in Asaba. I can easily breeze in and out. Although, right now, I want to stay more in Lagos, make more contacts, do more movies and focus more on my show.

What does it take to maintain a happy marriage?

Maintaining a happy home starts from the person you got married to. I had many suitors, people richer than my husband but I chose my husband because he is my best friend, my play and gossip mate. He’s rich of course. He is somebody I have known because I learnt that in marriage, sometimes love vanishes and friendship sustains; secondly, he supports my dream. Some of my colleagues stopped acting as soon as they got married, but my case is different. In fact, I became a producer after marriage and I started a TV show because of him. So, my husband is my best friend and he always wants to see me happy and vice versa. And to me, that’s how to maintain a happy marriage.

But you have made your husband stay off social media?

I didn’t, he is not a social media person. In fact, I am the one that brought him out. He is a quiet and reserved person. He’s very simple, calm and calculated.

He doesn’t have a social media account, are you scared of husband snatchers?

Yes, my husband doesn’t have a social media account. He is only on Facebook, and no, I am not scared of husband snatchers. I mean who will snatch my husband? She carry 10 heads? I am a whole package and my husband is forever grateful. He is the one scared of losing me.

Since Korra Obidi’s marital issues, some celebrities have stopped posting their happy moments on social media; did her marriage crash affect you too?

Not at all, they have issue obviously. Their marriage didn’t crash because of online show off. Although, too much of everything, is bad. Marriage wey go last go last, whether you show off online or not.

Can you forgive and take back a cheating partner?

I have this orientation while growing up that all men cheat, men are polygamous in nature. And believe it or not, most men cheat. Though, there are still good ones and my husband is number one. If you leave a cheating partner, what is the possibility that the next person will not cheat? To me, it depends on what and how it happened.

Does your relationship status affect the kind of roles you accept?

Kind of, because even if my husband does not complain, my fans will be like ‘she is married, why is she doing this?’ And even, when I am doing some kind of roles like the ‘sexy girl’, I can’t expose too much. You can cover or wear classy clothes and still be very sexy.

Chizzy Alichi, actress

How about kissing scenes?

Deep kiss? No!

Tell us more about your show. What inspired it?

It’s divine. The inspiration came when I was cooking rice on a Sunday. I told my husband about it. He said I should give him few days to think about it, and boom, he said it’s wonderful. We bought equipment, set up our stage and by God’s grace, it would soon be airing on Africa Magic. It’s a children’s reality TV show (The Xperience) unscripted.

What are the things kids will learn after watching the show?

Both children and adult will learn a lot. It will carry everybody along. It will also bring peace to most homes. Children are smart and they know everything; because it’s unscripted, they open up as it is, and their parents always make amends after hearing them out. For instance, a child said his father is always angry and shouting, of course the father won’t shout again. He will make amends after hearing from the son.

It seems you’re a lover of kids, how many do you plan to have?

Yes, I am. I want to have five children and they are coming soon by God’s grace. We are finally ready.

You intentionally didn’t want to have kids immediately after marriage?

It’s personal.

Would you allow your child join the movie industry if he or she expresses interest?

Of course, the movie industry is a great industry. I will gladly show my full support.

What’s your current relationship with Zubby Michael after the social media clash?

We are good now. We met at the airport and hugged it out.

What are the three things about your husband that makes you love him specially?

He is very smart, calculative and intelligent. He is also quite simple and a selfless man, loving and caring. He caries me like an egg.

Despite being married, do men still run after you?

Yes, as long as you are a pretty woman, men will always come around, including admirers and some wishing they married you instead.

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