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Gov/State Assembly Elections: Abiante Commends INEC on Improvement in Timing, Logistics



By Linda Ike

Rivers state Lawmaker in the House of Representatives, Hon. Awaji-Inombek Dagomie Abiante has commended the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on its improvement in the 2023 Gubernatorial and State Assembly elections.

The Lawmaker who represents Adoni- Opobo /Nkoro Federal Constituency of Rivers state lauded the Commission on Saturday after casting his vote at his constituency.

Abiante noted that INEC has improved in its timing and logistics as the election commenced early in his constituency.

“For this very election, I think INEC must have learnt a few lessons relating to timing, logistics. I expected that Nigerians should not have arrived by now that was why I stayed a little bit late.

“But Nigerians arrived early, voters have really performed their civic obligations before I arrived. In that regards, I commend them for what they have been able to improve upon”.

He also appreciated his constituents for coming out en-mass to vote and for creating enabling environment for peaceful election.

Abiante stated, “Right from last night, the environment has been extremely calm and peaceful, not one incident has been reported, not even a quarrel as far as I know”.

When asked if INEC would conduct a transparent election,? he said,
“For me, it’s too early to judge, but if what we have on the ground here should be a reflection of what they could be able to do throughout the country, then we should expect to have a free, fair, and credible election”.

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