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Stakeholders Advocate Innovative Strategies To Empower Nigerian Youths



By Linda Ike.

Stakeholders at the Stability and Sustenance Summit have advocated
innovative strategies from the government that will address unemployment and empower youths in Nigeria to cushion the effect of economic crisis in the country.

The experts also charged stakeholders in other sectors to channel more efforts towards youth development in Nigeria.

They gave the charge on Thursday in Abuja at the Summit organised by Stability and Sustainability, attended by distinguished Speakers and Senators of the Nigeria’s National Assembly, led by Senator Ned Nwoko.

The stakeholders decried over the dwindling economy of the country, calling on the Federal Government to initiate more plans to equip the Nigerian youths in harnessing their potential and propelling them towards a future sustainable entrepreneurship.

Speaking at the event, Convener of the Stability and sustainability, Fidel Melody said the Summit was organised against the backdrop of Nigeria’s dynamic and ever-evolving landscape to discuss ways to reach the young people and empower them to become entrepreneurs and self-developed citizens.

He added that the summit encourages participants to establish and nurture relationships with fellow businesses and investors, providing a platform to submit ground breaking ideas for business grants and mentorship, disclosing that he has coached over 10,000 youths physically and virtually in the past decade with a focus on skill acquisition and monetization.

He said, “The initiative has not only equipped the youth with practical tools for success but also ignited a spirit of entrepreneurship.

“The Stability and Sustenance Summit, therefore, stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment to harnessing the potential of Nigeria’s youth and propelling them towards a future defined by success and sustainable entrepreneurship.

“A country where the youth demographic is a driving force for change, the summit’s emphasis on fostering relationships, sharing insights, and providing mentorship becomes instrumental in shaping a new narrative of empowerment and economic growth

“Nigeria stands at the forefront of a transformative era where harnessing the potential of its youth is not just a choice but a necessity, the visionary behind the summit.

“The summit is dedicated to interacting with 12 proven business speakers, accompanied by over 1,000 businesses, and at the end, we will select over 100 startups based on innovative ideas and scalable opportunities for collateral-free business grants.”

He continued, “breaking away from traditional conference norms, the Stability and Sustenance Summit promises free admission to all participants.

“This rare opportunity will allow attendees to glean valuable insights from the knowledgeable speakers, fostering the growth of entrepreneurial spirit and business acumen.

“As the summit unfolds, it serves as a beacon of hope and opportunity for Nigerian youth, offering a platform for interaction with seasoned business leaders, exposure to innovative ideas, and the prospect of securing collateral-free business grants.

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