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State Policing Will Address Insecurity in Nigeria, Says Tinubu



By Linda Ike.

President Bola Tinubu has assured Nigerians that his government will implement recommendations of the National Assembly on the creation of state police.

Tinubu gave the assurance on Monday in Abuja, at the National Dialogue on State Policing, organised by the House of Representatives, with the Theme: Pathways to Reimagining Policing in Nigeria

Represented by Vice President Kashim Shetima, Tinubu stated that, “the government believes that the path to effective security is through adaptive reforms catering to our diverse nature, and circumstances. This can only be achieved by carefully reviewing various options in the Nigerian context.

“This inclusive approach will guide us towards a policing system that is most effective and respectful…The president is committed to listening to your recommendations and insights invariable to share in the policies that would lead us to a more secure and good society”.

Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Tajudeen Abbas said that the National Assembly had no fixed position on the establishment of state police.

He said, “The House of Representatives is aware of the divisive and polarising arguments surrounding the issue under review. Let me state categorically that the House and indeed the National Assembly does not have a fixed position. Our role is to facilitate a dialogue and generate consensus.

“In discussions as significant as this, it is imperative that we approach each debate with objectivity and neutrality. We must acknowledge our biases and set them aside in favour of what is most beneficial for our dear country. Our discussions should be marked not by the pursuit of personal or political gains but by a steadfast commitment to the common good.

“Creating State Policing systems requires more than just legislative action; it requires a national consensus. As diverse and complex as our great country is, so too are the opinions and perspectives on how best to manage and implement local policing. It is only through open, inclusive, and respectful dialogue – like the one we are part of today – that we can build the necessary consensus”.

Earlier in his remarks, Deputy Speaker of the House of Representatives, Hon. Benjamin Kalu said the aim of the parliament was to enact laws, reforms for collective welfare of Nigerians.

He said some jurisdictions which have since embraced multiple layered system of policing has achieved some success, noting that “in various jurisdictions worldwide, multi-layered policing systems have been implemented with varying degrees of success”.

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